Why shop healthcare?

You wouldn't purchase several thousand dollars in airline tickets without shopping around, why purchase healthcare services without doing the same?


Did you know that the cost of healthcare can vary dramatically, even in the same town or region? Even when you have great insurance and are using in network providers, if you have a coinsurance (a percentage of shared costs) it's a great idea to compare prices. 

The links below are supplied for reference only. Know what procedures may cost in your area, have a friend or family member who needs marketplace insurance? There's a handy link for that. Need a prescription discount card for a medication not covered by insurance? See the link below.

We are not affiliated with and do not receive any type of compensation from any of the entities below. The provided links are not endorsements, they are either links to research pricing or examples of local price transparency models. 

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What might individual insurance cost through the ACA marketplace? 

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