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Medicare Info

We are not a government agency or employed by the government

Is Medicare the same thing as Medicaid?
A, B, C, and D? What's the difference?
Who Qualifies and when/how can I enroll?
What are the premiums or other costs?
How do I get help paying premiums?
Where does a supplement come in?
How does it work with my other insurance?

These types of questions are just the start. Instead of sorting through pages and files of information we can educate and help you navigate your options. Ask us your questions in real time, face to face, over a nice cup of coffee. Christina is always up for a cup of coffee!

We will take all the time you need and always treat you with patience, compassion, and respect. Meetings can take place in your own home, other public place, or our office (by appointment only) located in the Western Tower 5350 S Western Ave Ste. 540, Oklahoma City.


There is NO charge to meet with us!

Please be aware, misinformation about Medicare and Medicare products circulates often on social media. The best and most accurate sources of information are always , the CMS Medicare and You Handbook, and other official resources, links provided below.

Join us for our next Medicare Educational only event!
Food Provided
The only thing you need to bring is yourself and your questions.
Contact us for information or to set a personal appointment.
There is NO charge to meet with us!
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