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Healthcare in Retirement Planning

A Mass Mutual of Oklahoma Planning Partner

     Sibley Insures is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with Mass Mutual of Oklahoma as Healthcare in Retirement Planning Partners. Mike McCall, with Mass Mutual, serves as the primary Advisor on a team of professionals focused on retirement planning. “I am very excited to have both Steve and his wife Christina as a resource for our team.” Mike noted. “Our clients expect and deserve a high level of expertise and these two have it. Their input will ensure our clients have great, affordable healthcare, with ongoing support and advocacy throughout their retirement years.”

     We’ve developed a model for strategically guiding our clients through healthcare planning. We’ve also armed clients with a knowledgeable team of advocates, like Sibley Insures, who’ll guide them into the right Medicare and ancillary plans. An advisor, who’ll skillfully recommend financial vehicles for healthcare savings to mitigate expenses not typically covered by insurance, and attorneys, who’ll ensure the proper legal healthcare documents are put into place. Our clients can be confident they have a sound, strategic, flexible plan that works very well, which, while being affordable, offers a high level of coverage, that protects their most important assets, their health, wellness and wealth.

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